Thursday, September 16, 2010

My First Post

The title of this post is oh-so original, don't you think? Anyway, most of you (actually I'm hoping ALL of you) know me, at least a little. I'm 22 and already have a bazillion other websites that I don't keep up with, so let's add another.
This blog, I'm hoping, is going to be the start of a new chapter in my life. This past year has been a roller coasters ride of changes for me and I decided that, although I despise great changes, I would do my best to embrace my new life.
I'm not going to back track today and tell you my life story (mostly because it is nearly 4pm and I have other things I need to do today) but maybe a bit of history may help you understand me and my ever-changing world. At 22, I am currently in the process of moving home to live with my father, stepmother, and chauffeur/chef/maid/laundress/nurse/confidant/24/7 companion, Brenda. I am nearly finished with my BS degree in Rehabilitation Services and SO thrilled to be nearly done. I have lived away from home for 4 years and this is bound to be the topic of many later blog posts.
Besides the recent upheaval that has torn through my "mundane" everyday life, I wanted to start a blog to write...write about anything and everything, truth or fiction, what bothers me, why I own hundreds of pairs of shoelaces but never wear shoes, what big-eyed beautiful child recently captured my heart, etc. I have always been a very creative person; making up characters and stories has been a passion of mine since I was very young. On many Saturday afternoons in the early to mid 1990s you could almost always find me at the kitchen table, with my best friend, Janet, making up elaborate stories to be acted out by my Barbie dolls. Somewhere around 3rd grade I developed a passion for writing fiction, declaring to anyone and everyone that I was going to be a children's book author when I grew up. I spent most of 3rd grade in the den of our home, being homeschooled by some of my favorite adults. I devoured everything but my favorite part of the day was daily journal exercises. My in-school 3rd grade teacher didn't know what to prompt me with for journals so Brenda found books with prompts that not only amused my little 3rd grade mind but also challenged it to write and think.
By getting into a blog I want to get back to that. I have been writing research papers and essays, defending my position on a topic, criticizing or commending the work of others for the past four years. I want to remember why writing is fun and enjoyable!


Sue O'Neill (Casey and Colin's Mom) said...

Glad to see you joining the blogging world. I'll be sure to show Casey later, as he'll enjoy hearing about your early years and how you've enjoyed writing!

Kim S said...

Can't wait to read all your future bloggings. Love ya!